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Monday, September 3, 2012


Is what we are saying worth eavesdropping to?

Had a reminder of this the other day as we stopped to have an afternoon coffee break. We, together with some other believers, were at a large rooftop cafe in the beautiful, old city of Freiburg. Overlooking the Black Forest and surrounded by delicious tortes and cappuccinos, we ministered and answered questions. One sister asked and received the Holy Spirit baptism. PTL! Excitedly, we moved to the inside area as it started to rain.

Choosing a table for all of us in the filled cafe, we soon realized we needed more room. The gentleman at the table next to us had been watching. He offered to move his table over for us and go elsewhere. We thanked him and extended the invitation for him to join us.

Over more coffees, his story unfolded. OPPORTUNITY! Right there in the crowded roof-top cafe, he accepted Jesus as his Saviour. He proceeded to pull a small German Gideon New Testament Bible out of his jacket. Some time ago, two women had given him this Bible. He’d been carrying it around, but didn’t know or understand what to do. Opening it, he was shown several scriptures that related to his new standing in Christ. PTL!

Eavesdropping, at the next table, were several women. They, likewise, were invited to join the conversation as we now started ordering our supper. More questions. More answers. More sharing the Good News.

Our original plan for a quick coffee before we continued on our walk through Freiburg ended up being an amazing three hours seeing God work.

Let’s always make our talk worth eavesdropping to!


  1. Awesome!!! I actually have a visual of all of you surrounded in the presense of the Lord and having a joyus meeting on that roof top. Excellent encounter....God is always working we only need to take the time to stop, look and listen. Looking forward to hearing more about it when you return. God Bless & Take Care ~Sincerely Cindy

  2. that is so great and even the title you have given that day.. eavesdropping... I will learn to always make my talk wholesome.. even on those days when I feel like just not being nice...